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PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers will be able to stream PS5 games to their console from March 8th. This is what Insider Gaming claims. On that day, Sony will release version 7.00 of the PS5 operating system, which will also include support for Discord voice chat.

Insider Gaming, via Jim Henderson, doesn’t say which PS5 games will be available to stream from that date. PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers can do so since its introduction From the subscription formula at the start of last year, choose from a catalog of hundreds of PlayStation games to stream that include over 300 PlayStation 3 games and dozens of PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PSP games. PS5 games will also be added starting in March.

According to Insider Gaming Sony will begin beta testing version 7.00 of the operating system in the coming days. The test period ends on January 30, according to the site. The release of version 7.00 will follow on March 8th and will also allow PlayStation 5 users to use Discord voice chat on their console.

Sony announced in 2021 She has already indicated that she will be partnering with Discord. The Japanese company wanted to combine “the Discord and PlayStation experiences.” In February 2022, it became possible to link PSN accounts to Discord, but the service itself was not yet available on PlayStation consoles.

Sony has version 6.50 of the PS5 operating system out on January 12th released. The company is adding support to the PS5 for the DualSense Edge controller with this update, among other things. The customizable console will be released on January 26 for €240. Tweakers wrote in Dec preview About DualSense Edge.

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