Private and professional drama by Art Rooijakkers

Private and professional drama by Art Rooijakkers

Art Rooijakkers, 45, saw the end of his relationship with Andrea Bliget, 49, with whom he had twin daughters Puk and Keesje (5), last year. This wasn’t the first time the couple had broken up. Their relationship was in crisis twice before. In 2012, they both traveled a lot for work and never saw each other. “Sometimes I was gone for six weeks and two days before I got home, I only left five weeks ago,” Art told JAN Magazine. We were on the verge of collapse. Did we want to continue? In the end, a joint trip through Australia cemented their relationship. However, that didn’t stop their relationship from faltering again after a few years. Even then, the holiday brought them closer together. Soon, Andrea became pregnant and in 2017 they became proud parents to twins.

Unbelievable quantities

Previously, Art and Andrea were always on good terms, and the breakup from last summer is final. Official documents, which Story is in possession of, show that Art had to pay his ex 128,359 euros. He also takes care of the mortgage loan (€579408.75) for their house on the canal in Amsterdam, where Art continues to live. The holiday home, which the couple bought in 2018 for 160,500 euros in Achterhoek, is also dedicated.

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