‘Prince Joachim and Princess Mary move to America for new job’

'Prince Joachim and Princess Mary move to America for new job'

Joachim and Marie currently live in Paris. The 53-year-old prince has been working as a security attaché at the Danish embassy since autumn 2020.

Correct French work

Joachim was actually going to start his French work earlier, but he was startled by a brain hemorrhage earlier that year. As a result, he was out of action for a few months. Because of his possible departure for America Joachim’s desire to win the hearts of the Danish people Put it aside for a while. The youngest son of Queen Margrethe, his actions ruined it with the Danish people. Especially his heart. Joachim now realizes how important the love and appreciation of the Danish people is to him and does everything he can to turn the tide.

Let’s win people’s hearts

One attempt to do so was during the Tour de France in July this year, when the prince appeared on stage in a very deliberately casual outfit. By this he should show that he is close to the people. Later, during an event he attended, he insisted that he be trained. Sixth in line to the Danish throne is unthinkable, but apparently the prince will do a lot to win popular support. With his new plans, this desire will most likely fall into the water.

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Source: ANP, Story | Image: Brunopress

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