Prince Charles is linked with buying royal privileges from the super-rich

Prince Charles is linked with buying royal privileges from the super-rich

British Crown Prince Charles.Reuters photo

While waiting to take the throne, Charles is never bored. He travels the world on behalf of his mother, undertakes new construction projects and digs into the earth with his green fingers. His biggest passion, besides Camilla, is The Prince’s Foundation, an institution that renovates historic buildings under the motto “Respect the past, build the future” and teaches young people at home and abroad the crafts.

Donations are always welcome, but they can also lead to problems. It was announced last month that Saudi businessman Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz had donated 1.75 million euros to the Prince’s Foundation and other institutions of the crown prince. It earned him a Royal Medal, which Charles himself had presented to him five years earlier at a private meeting at Buckingham Palace.

The news led to the suspension of Michael Fawcett, the royal aide who runs the foundation and arranged the deal. Charles was unaware of this violation of the 1925 law against the sale of property rights. Over the years, especially politicians, prime ministers first, have been guilty of these corrupt practices. The House of Lords is full of wealthy benefactors.

But with Fawcett’s departure, the matter was not seen as closed off.

Another board member of the foundation resigned after learning that a donation from a wealthy Russian had been accepted. In exchange for three tons, banker Dmitri Lewis would have received two invitations to visit Charles at his Scottish country homes, it was reported. Sunday times. mail on sunday Meanwhile, he wrote that Charles had met a Taiwanese businessman who had donated half a million.

Both the Russians and the Taiwanese have been accused of money laundering in their country.

William Portrick, publisher of The British Gentiles, contributed donations Burke’s Noblesas a mediator. Charles apparently met him in person several times, something both Prince and Portrick denied.

It’s a thorny issue for Charles as his 96-year-old mother is slowly handing over her jobs to her offspring – with the exception of Andrew who has fallen. As the direct heir to the throne, Charles has additional responsibility. He has been accused of political interference in the past, particularly on the part of Republicans. The impression that foreign super-rich can buy royal favors is another stain on his name.

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