Prices of repair parts for Nokia G22 smartphones appear in iFixit – Tablets & Phones – News

By itself it seems like a good start from Nokia, but there are still some moments when you look a little further. For example, the prices seem very reasonable at first glance, but if you put it proportionately, it’s still disappointing.

For example, the screen is only 50 euros, but this is still 1/4 of the new price, just as the battery, back and USB charging port are about 1/8. After, say, a year, this smartphone will probably be on the second hand market for half and good, and then it will be completely different again.

If you then assume, for example, about 100-120 euros for a used car, then, for example, a new screen suddenly half and the rest a quarter. Then all of a sudden it’s a completely different story and the parts aren’t as cheap as they seem.

It also comes with the fact that it has a 3-year warranty, which is neat in itself, but that warranty does not apply to the parts shown. I think this is also why only the screen, battery, back and charging port can be purchased separately. All other parts are covered by warranty

Well it doesn’t surprise me that after a few months you see the same parts on E-bay or Alibaba maybe not even half. I think the repair shops would get their parts on it because otherwise they wouldn’t make anything on it.

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