Preview: Modern Gold Rush in North Dakota

Preview: Modern Gold Rush in North Dakota

Former Correspondent Emily Cosen traveled more than 11,000 kilometers by train across the United States. And finished Boom Williston. This story is from his new book Station USA Released this week.

‘This is new, this is new. This road does not exist yet. ‘ Howard Klug, a burly man with blue eyes and a gray-green shirt, is busy pointing around him. After a quick greeting, he suggested leaving immediately. Ten minutes later, on his glowing black SUV and radio, we passed a city sign that read, “Welcome to Weliston, North Dakota.”: Boomtown, USA ‘

Emily Cosen (30) was EW He is now a US correspondent in Washington DC Telegraph

Station USA (Publisher Spectrum)
296 pages 21.99

Williston’s Mayor Klug created this Tree Very close. He lived there for the rest of his life, transitioning from a rural village of a few hundred people to an active city with more than 30,000 permanent residents and a large number of temporary residents.

1 million tons of oil per day

It is a modern-day measure of the rush for gold that, after the discovery of gold, silver or other valuables, turned many American locations into overnight highlights in the 1800s. In Williston it is oil – black gold. It has been known for decades that bacon contains a large amount of oil, but only after such techniques Breaking And horizontal drilling got so much, that oil was extracted cheaply.

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