President Biden: America’s airports must improve

President Biden: America's airports must improve

Passenger traffic at Boston Airport has quadrupled in fifty years. But according to Biden, capacity has not increased at the same rate, which has not benefited the airport’s quality. As examples, the president cited overcrowded gates, long lines and many delayed flights.

Traffic jams on taxiways also cause unnecessary air pollution. “It’s disgusting, it’s inconvenient and it’s bad for the environment. There’s no good reason for it. This is America, for God’s sake. This is who we are? It shouldn’t be like this. But we’re finally going to do something about it,” Biden said during his airport speech.

A $62 million investment at Boston Logan Airport will create 5,900 new jobs. Part of the investment will be more gates, baggage belts and check-in counters. Also, investments are being made in airport accessibility, including new lifts and wheelchair accessible buses. A total of $25 billion would require comparable investments at other U.S. airports.

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