President Bergkamp sends Simon’s letter: ‘The same rules apply to all Members of Parliament’ | the interior

President Bergkamp sends Simon's letter: 'The same rules apply to all Members of Parliament' |  the interior

Simmons wanted to speak at the debate. I felt insecure after a comment that PVV’s MP Harm Beertema could have made, outside the microphone. In an interview with NRC, Simmons indicated on Thursday that he did not want to share what Bertima had to say. “I influenced it, but I don’t feel like commenting on whether it was bad enough or racist enough.” It also refused to comment on the incident to the National Ports Agency.

Tellegen didn’t give the floor, and when he kept insisting, I rushed toward the BIJ1 MP. She said Simmons “constantly” interrupts people. “Looks like a kindergarten here!” “Raising my four children at home is easier than managing this meeting!” She also referred to the other deputies present.

The president, vice presidents, and committee chairs represent the House of Representatives and are impartial in this role. They are doing their job to the best of their ability,” according to a spokesperson in the letter Bergkamp sent to Simmons.


However, Bergkamp is of the opinion that “everyone should feel safe in the room building”. Soon a meeting between her and Simmons over “room etiquette” is planned.

“In this conversation, the expressed feelings of (social) insecurity can also be discussed in Parliament,” the spokeswoman said. Bergkamp had previously announced that she wanted to have discussions with all political groups about the ethics in the debate. The reason for this is the statements of Democratic Forum deputies about the courts and the condoning of intimidation emails from supporters to other deputies.

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