Presenter Willmoyed Seigsma, 31, sees dating as “horrific and horrific” for the stars

Presenter Willmoyed Seigsma, 31, sees dating as "horrific and horrific" for the stars

The 31-year-old Friesen has been at least ten years with Eric Egberts, to whom she has been engaged since 2019. In the new Beau Mond Willmoyed tells of the difficult period that followed the separation. “I really had to learn to live with myself again. It’s a bit like a calf swinging on its feet. It sounds dramatic, but that’s how I really felt sometimes. You have to organize things differently and get used to the new situation.”

The announcer, as she herself says, “really used to being alone.” “I’ve had a hard time with that. Anyway, being single and being on lock up isn’t exactly fun. Of course, everyone has a rough time. But as far as I’m concerned, there should be more interest in being single in a lonely time. Already.

“I cry every day”

As a fresh bachelor, Willmud and her friend spent her vacation in Curaçao. But there I was pressed again against the facts. “We had a great time, but I still have to cry every day, for example when I saw couples spending quality time together. Then I thought: Yes, this is my life now. Now I am the one who is on vacation with a girlfriend.”

The “other half” of co-presenter Jort Kelder is now open for love again, but she still finds dating “shocking and horrifying.” “It’s so unnatural to sit in front of a complete stranger and see if you’re a good fit for each other. Let me flirt at the bar. I’m good at challenge and decor. And I love meeting new people. In those few months when bars are open, I really loved that I’ll be celibate.”

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