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ANWB Traffic Information expects additional road traffic from the Alpine region this weekend (March 4 and 5) due to the return of winter sports traffic.

Winter pass outside

Germany forecast

This is going to be a busy weekend on the road in southern Germany due to the (mainly back) winter sports action. Busy roads include: A3 frankfurt – nuremberg, A 7 Ulm – Fussen f A 8 Stuttgart Salzburg.
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Austria forecast

Austria is expected to witness crowded roads, especially on Saturday, due to the return of winter sports. Busy roads are: S16 Landeck-Bludenz and B179 Nasrith Fosun.
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France forecast

On the weekends it is a little busier on the roads than in the French Alps due to the return of winter sports fans. Among other things, it will be pressed on: A 40 Macon – Chamonix and A 43 Chambery – Lyon.
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Source: ANWB Traffic Information

Winter sports by car

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