PP22: Anton is a walking red flag

PP22: Anton is a walking red flag

For those who don’t know yet: Anton is the biggest pop star in the Netherlands. Really, this guy beeps outside of ZiggoDome, twice, and that’s while he’s only been chasing the charts since 2020. Since he picked the title of his first song, “Hyperventilatie,” from tough words. nl (correct) Anton has become an indispensable part of the top 40. In fact, he always occupies several positions at the same time. From ‘Nice’ to ‘Hello’, from ‘Hotelschool’ to ‘Vlucht Strip’, this guy just has to swallow or turn double platinum.

Anyway, he has a mentor who teaches him the tricks of the trade: Big2 from The Opposites, who also shares some songs today (to the confusion of the youngest in the room). Because of this association it can be called hip-hop, but Anton is really a pop artist, as you know. His lackluster pop hits are also clearly tapping into the dance barrel: Vindicat’s somewhat flat tech house, which was designed to be played by corporal balls with a Schimmelpenninck coupe and Polo Ralph Lauren during a beer boat ride through the Amsterdam canals, but also using a drum. n rhythm here, drop house there. “Hello” gets another cheery country guitar. They are all very effective pop songs, and the Pinkpop audience eagerly clapped them away like free paco. Anton brings them alternately with the DJ and the band, the latter giving the show a bit more dynamics, and then there’s clip cannons, smoke machines, and even a flamethrower. A great pop show, this one, you’ll almost forget that Anton is now sprinkling red flags in his texts as if he were playing his Instagram feed for 94 – the lover The update is done. In ‘Hyperventilation’ he is already having a panic attack when the word relationship is mentioned, ‘Refuge Strip’ is also a fear commitment for the confused boy, then there’s this savage line from ‘Olivia’: ‘All your girlfriends say darling forget it/But your friends are ugly’ / Darling, forgive me. I don’t know about you, but if someone drops that red flag, I’ll automatically run. oh dear.

the moment:
Pinkpop fans are collectively fascinated by Antoon. As the last notes of “fun” fade away, he smiles his biggest smile. “Pinkpop, I like you!” The photographer zooms in on a blonde girl staring at the catwalk with sparkling eyes. oh dear.

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