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Possible details about the upcoming Google Tensor soc have surfaced. The chip will use eight Arm Cortex cores and a Mali GPU. The Tensor soc is designed by Google and will be used in the upcoming Pixel 6 smartphones due later this year.

Google buys various types of Cortex cores and Mali GPU under license from Arm, writes a tech site XDA Developers Based on Geekbench result And an anonymous source claims to own the Pixel 6 Pro.

The Tensor chip will have, among other things, two Cortex-X1-nuclei, which operates at 2.80 GHz. The Cortex-X1 is the most powerful smartphone hub that Arm currently offers. The X1 is currently used in high-position chips from Qualcomm and Samsung, among others. However, these chip makers only process one X1 core in their SOCs, while Google will use two.

Remarkably, these X1 cores are powered by two A76 cores clocked at 2.25GHz and four A55 cores at 1.80GHz according to XDA Developers. Where the architecture of the X1 is still new, the Cortex-A76 cores dated back to 2018 and are now two generations older than the more powerful and more efficient A78 cores, which are used in today’s high-end SOUS of competing chipmakers. The A55 cores also date back to 2017, but these cores are still used in modern smartphone chips.

De Arm Cortex-X1 en -A76

XDA Developers also wrote that the Google Tensor chip has an Arm Mali-G78 GPU, with a clock speed of 848MHz. This GPU is also used in the Samsung Exynos 2100-soc in the Galaxy S21. According to previous rumors, Google Tensor soc is produced according to Samsung’s 5nm process.

news agency Reuters I already mentioned in August that Google will use Samsung’s 5G modem in its Tensor chip. The chip should also receive hardware dedicated to artificial intelligence and machine learning, but few details are known about this. Tensor soc also gets a new security core and Titan M2 security chip.

Google will debut Tensor soc later this year with the release of its Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones. It is not yet known exactly when these phones will appear, but Google is expected to release these devices in October. Google already made First details About the well-known Pixel 6 and Tensor soc series.

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones. picture via google

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