March 26, 2023

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Pope Francis blesses European and European and calls for dialogue

Pope Francis blesses European and European and calls for dialogue

“Our ability to maintain social contacts is being severely tested,” the pope said. “There is an increasing tendency to withdraw and do everything on our own. There is also a danger at the international level of avoiding dialogue.”

Children cry in Yemen

As usual, the Pope drew attention to the many tensions and conflicts in the world. He cited Syria, where there has been a civil war for more than a decade, but he also cited Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Francis also asked the world to “listen to the cries of the children of Yemen,” according to the Pope, “a colossal tragedy, ignored by all, silent for years, reaping new deaths every day.”

Midnight Mass

Last night, the 85-year-old pope celebrated midnight mass in St Peter’s Basilica in front of an estimated 1,500 people. Mass began at 7:30 pm. A stay period from last year, when this was necessary due to the curfew in Italy.

Francis collectively called for humility. According to the Pope, Christmas is a time when people ignore “social recognition”. He also indicated that Jesus was born in poverty.

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