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It’s really ridiculous what this is all about, and it’s pissing me off again immeasurably.

Just to make a general note first, the company is not your friend. I still find it strange that people find it always necessary to advocate for great company, but they are not your friend even though they do their best to make it seem that way. If there were 5 cents to stab you in the back, they would. A company (especially one that has shareholders) has a purpose which is money. The more they can put pressure on you, the better. This applies to Sony, Microsoft, Apple, etc. Everything they say comes from the marketing mill, and is often simply incorrect or quirky.

Then what matters here: selling what is actually just literal fraud. You know, the ones that I used to write somewhere for extra money and things.
Now it is just being sold. And because the game is always online, if you find a way to get free money, you will likely be banned.

It doesn’t make sense, you pay Sony for the game you paid so much money for not having to play. And why? Because they made the game on purpose so that it’s not just fun to play if you want to do certain things.

The same psychological tricks were used again for a large part.
– Stripping money by not letting you buy things directly, but letting you buy in-game currency.
Not being able to buy the right amounts of coins, so you always have too much or too little.
– Non-linear ratio between money and credits (larger packages give you more credits for your money)

Now I don’t have the game, but these are common tactics:
– Allows you to purchase in-game currency in a mandatory tutorial (Free). The trick here is that people do something easily when they actually do it.
Large label at the best value on the middle package, as we often choose the middle option when choosing a compression.
Remind yourself regularly that you can buy credits, usually if you want to spend them.

We are simply too weak as consumers. Now you might think, I never buy in-game stuff and never will. And that’s great, but it’s not easy for everyone. Especially for young players. This is not strange either. All of these systems are developed by people who know exactly how your brain works. You have to constantly defend yourself against people who know that if they do an “A,” it takes an active effort not to do a “B.” Also consider targeted advertising. There’s a reason people don’t want to go back to a time when you couldn’t put cookies in. It is simply more efficient to show you 10x more thing you probably want than 1000x some other random stuff.

And as usual, two steps have been taken again, there is a lot of fuss and people take a step back.
The reaction now is: Oh no, we’re so sorry we got caught, and we’re going to do something about it.

And what are we going to do about it? Modify the algorithm that showed how expensive microtransactions are and how many credits you get by playing normally.
I can’t prove it, but this was probably all to be expected and this plan B (and possibly C and D) has been ready for a long time.
The marketing department didn’t write a good excuse, without actually saying sorry for the important facts.

I would like to apologize for the frustration and confusion Last week caused our patch updates which resulted in not only server outages but also modifications to the in-game economy Without a clear explanation of our society

We’re sorry we didn’t say why we made you so angry.

We know this is not the Gran Turismo experience you expect and we will make it goodwill gesture In the form of an unpaid credit package of 1 million kr. Available to those players who may be infected*. You’ll see this hit your accounts soon. Make sure you are logged into the game before April 25 to claim credit.

Another marketing ploy, why does it have an expiration date? Right, to lure you back.

what amazes me

Increased the upper limit for unpaid balances in players’ wallets from 20 million kroner. up to 100 million cr.

So you may decide to limit your credits, unless you give Sony the money. So crunching credits are pointless at some point (like with text, which is also bullshit. Burn a lot of electricity so you don’t have to buy credits), but if you’re spending money, the sky’s the limit.

Not a word about the microtransactions that people are angry about.

There is a complete marketing BS about the reasons for making certain choices for how much credits you can get in the game.
It is of course impossible to take this seriously if all these restrictions are not implemented if you give Sony more money.

And so we are constantly deceived by companies that act in the interests of shareholders. And it works. The only reason these things exist is because they only make money. If we look at FIFA, a lot of money. So if you ever decide to be a fan of any brand, think about all the things the company did that weren’t the best for you. Then again how they put it up or, on the contrary, hid it.

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