Police report details cause of death of husband Tammy Slaton

Police report details cause of death of husband Tammy Slaton

When Tammy Slaton, 37, announced in July that her husband, Caleb Willingham, had died at the age of 40, little was known about the cause of his death. The reality star known as “1000 lbs.” The sisters said at the time that she wanted to be left alone. A new police report now sheds new light on his death for the first time. RadarOnline.com, which has the report, shared new details about his cause of death.

The report details the investigation into Caleb’s death. The report states that Caleb was at the clinic at the time of his death. Staff were with him when he suddenly lost consciousness and it wasn’t long before an ambulance arrived. When the police arrive, the ambulance crew is already busy with Caleb. They try to revive him, but to no avail.

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Although the autopsy report is yet to be released with the official cause of death, the police report shows that everything points to a natural death due to medical reasons. Therefore the crime is excluded. The report probably wasn’t a surprise to Tammy: In the new season, 1,000 lbs. Sisters, we can already see that Caleb deteriorates dramatically when Tami leaves the clinic.

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