Poland sends short messages to migrants at the border: “Go back to Minsk!” | Abroad

Poland sends short messages to migrants at the border: "Go back to Minsk!"  |  Abroad

The text also states that migrants run the risk of arrest if they cross the border, as it relates to illegal immigration. Attached to the text message is a link to websites with explanations in Arabic, English, Russian and French on Polish policy for illegal immigrants.

In recent months, thousands of migrants, mostly from the Middle East, have tried to enter European Union countries such as Poland, Latvia and Lithuania from Belarus. Belarusian leader Lukashenko’s regime allows them to pass in retaliation for EU sanctions. The three countries declared a state of emergency, erected fences and deployed the army.

put in jail

Polish authorities said this week that they have arrested 8,200 migrants who have attempted to enter Poland since early August. About 12,000 migrants managed to cross the border. They have been imprisoned. Polish customs said 473 migrants were stopped at the border on Tuesday alone.

Several punitive measures were imposed on Belarus last year for brutally suppressing the country’s protest movement. It gathered around the electoral victory a year ago, according to the European Union, which President Alexander Lukashenko stole. Lukashenko responded, among other things, by bringing Iraqi immigrants home and placing them across the borders with EU countries Lithuania, Poland and Latvia. It also ended its cooperation with the European Union to combat illegal immigration and return unwelcome immigrants to the Union.

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