PlayStation Test lets you try out PS5 games for sale

PlayStation Test lets you try out PS5 games for sale

After yesterday’s fun on Monday, we can of course expect it. Tuesday is coming. And so be it today. And on Tuesdays, you always get a fresh version of GK Journaal. Where the most important news of the last few days is discussed with you. Today we have five news items for you with high content from PlayStation. you are welcome in GK . magazine From Tuesday, October 5, 2021.

Bluepoint may remaster

For example, there is news about a service (in beta) that will allow you to try out a PS5 game for a while before you buy it. Unfortunately, the trial only takes place in the UK and is very similar to the old demos that were prevalent last year? Now just a little more comprehensive. Plus you are already playing the game, not a part of it. Are you working well? How long does the testing phase take? We’ll tell you at GK Journaal. There is, of course, other news. For example, Konami is working on new versions of old classics. Which hopefully is better than eFootball. Furthermore, some say Bluepoint is working on a Bloodborne remaster. Is this correct?

GK Journal on Battlefield 2042

Then there’s Battlefield 2042. That means November 19th release. There were reports of another imminent postponement. This time until March. Is this correct? Or is it fake news? Could the beta starting this week throw a wrench into the works? Plus, we have some news about the latest addition to Playstation Studios: Bluepoint Are they going to do something with a shiny exclusive from the past? And will there be more PC versions of PS5 covers, and are they coming soon after the PS5 version is released? You can see and hear this and more in the new edition of GK Journaal.

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