PlayStation responds to criticism regarding PS Plus price increases

At the end of August, Sony announced that the prices of various PlayStation Plus subscriptions would rise by more than 30 percent, which led to much criticism among players. A PlayStation executive has now responded to this.

Sony wants to make PlayStation Plus a premium service, Eric Lempel, a PlayStation executive, told Barron’s. Lempel believes many gamers realize that PS Plus offers great value for money, but PlayStation needs to consider market conditions and adjust pricing accordingly.

“We want to make PlayStation Plus great. With our relaunch last year and the introduction of the tier system, a lot of consumers realized that there was a lot of value in PlayStation 5. Like almost everything else in the world, we have to look at our pricing and we have to adapt to market conditions.”

The PlayStation CEO also says that many other forms of subscriptions have already increased their prices several times over and that PlayStation Plus hasn’t done that for 85 percent of the world in years.

“I’m happy to say, unlike a lot of other subscription services out there, we haven’t reached PlayStation Plus pricing for 85% of the world’s population in many years. So, this was the first time we’ve done something there.

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