PlayStation finally comes with skins for PS5

PlayStation finally comes with skins for PS5

Now that it is a bit turbulent in our small country in some areas and the period has not been the best, we must of course not lose sight of the fact that beautiful things happen too. For example in the gaming industry. And then of course we’ll talk about that in a new edition of GK Journaal. We have a lot of news for you. So today we are going to talk about various games, studios and publishers. For example, there are details about expansions in different games, news about Activision/Blizzard’s Misery, Star Wars Battlefront III’s rejection and much more. See and hear everything in A goal keeper Tuesday 23 November magazine.

Will there finally be skins for the PS5?

Now that the PS5 has been available for over a year, we can safely say we’ve finished looking a bit at the console’s ugly design and color scheme. It looked like a network modem. There were some third party interfaces in the beginning. Now it appears that Playstation comes with its own panels. And faster than we think. Because we found the patent for it. Moreover, we will of course also talk about the famous Tom Henderson, because yes. He has some details about Star Wars Battlefront III. However, it’s not really good news.

It seems that Call of Duty is no longer released every year

We’ll also talk about Call of Duty, because we may have to wait a little longer. We will also talk about Warzone. Because a new folder is coming. This is not the only thing for today. This is how we’ll talk about Nintendo, Activision, and more. You can see it all in a brand new edition of GK Journaal.

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