Plan to give priority to residents in new construction

Plan to give priority to residents in new construction

Municipalities may give priority to residents of their city or village for new construction projects. This came in a proposal submitted by the outgoing Minister of the Interior Kajsa Olungren.

Priority applies to new social housing up to €355,000, which is also the maximum mortgage guarantee for next year. A maximum of 30 percent of homes can be allocated through this priority arrangement.

At the moment, it is still forbidden for municipalities to give preference to their own residents. This is only allowed in the Wadden Islands.

Randstad competition

de Volkskrant He writes about the plan and talks to a number of municipalities that would like to implement the priority in their own. This applies to the municipalities of Zaanstad, Ede, Wegwienerlanden, Utrechts-Heuvelrug, Bergen in the North Holland and Oldbrook.

Municipalities say that many new homes are now being bought by residents from outside the city, for example Randstad residents. This makes it difficult for beginners from their area to step in.

Olungren’s proposal is open for consultation. Then it is voted on in Parliament.

Purchase Protection

It has already been announced that it will be possible for municipalities to close existing homes from buyers. They may designate neighborhoods and houses in their municipality to which purchase protection applies. Only people who will live in the house themselves are allowed to buy the house.

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