Pirate Skull & Bones game release postponed to March 9, 2023 – Games – News

‘Game ready’..the game looks really ready in 2018. I was very happy with this tech test, I thought I saw a bit more ‘realistic’ than eg Sea of ​​Thieves, which looks very cartoonish/arcade, especially for a company She does AC work (Oddessy and Valhalla are nice games). Although it gave the ‘feel’ of a Blag Flag again, sailing this mighty ship (well, an entire game would have to work in rows for that) is sailing on a pretty big map, something.

But after an hour or two I wonder.. what kind of game is this? This full hub principle reminds me of MHW where your “only interaction with others” happens in such a center/city, but “outside” is just your boat versus the other. Cartoonized icons of materials, food, and interface, where are the “hardcore filmmakers” from the trailer? Riding the ship is a cut scene, the forts along the water can shoot you *poof* Here’s your reward, even in Valhalla you can go ashore and smash a whole bunch of stuff. Not to mention the sick array of weapons, guns, armor and tactics you can throw at your ship..do I hear microtransactions there?

Yes, the tech tester thought the gameplay was a lot of fun, so is there something different about getting around with planes, guns, or a homemade zut (like Crossout), but for the original AAA “ubisoft” game? I think the biggest feature of the game I’ve seen is the point that it only has a choice of PVE or PVPVE, which is something unfortunately few games do, they almost bet by default on PVPVE, but €70..or later €80? Maybe with an Xbox game (so you have a PC version and an Xbox version) another consideration, but definitely not for a game right now.

Biggest lack of technical testing, no comments on your feedback. For example, I play 3840×1080 and there was no FOV slider to adjust the screen without the whole UI going crazy (just like Borderlands, it launches from top/bottom view). You then file a report on it, but you don’t hear if something like that will get caught or if they think “time out, silly”.

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