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Pine64 has started shipping the PineBook Pro again. The open source laptop has not been available for a long time due to problems with its supply lines in China, but now that those problems have been resolved, the company is selling laptops again.

Pinebook Pro is back in ANSI format As available on the Pine64 web store. The open source laptop has long been out of stock, but it can now be ordered again. Dutch buyers can also purchase the laptop at a cost of $44. The laptop itself costs $219, but VAT and customs clearance costs are added for European buyers. The laptop will be delivered again this week.

Pine64 has reduced deliveries on a lot of its hardware, and in some cases, like the Pinebook Pro, has shut them down completely. The laptop came For sale for the first time in October 2019However, due to the Corona crisis and associated supply problems in Shenzhen, China, the delivery of laptops has been suspended for a long time.

Pinebook Pro is an “open source laptop” with hardware whose firmware is publicly available and customizable. The laptop runs on an Arm-soc system with Cortex A72 cores at 1.8GHz and four Cortex A53 cores at 1.4GHz. The laptop also has 4GB Lpddr4 memory, eMMC 5.0 storage drive, and a 14.1″ HD IPS panel. Pine64 warns that the laptop is “not a replacement for an x86 laptop” and that the model is particularly suitable for depositors in the Linux and BSD community.

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