Photo of Maduro regime unleashing anger against Javier Tarasona, activist arrested and inciting terrorism and hatred

Javier Tarasona with a photo he took to the attorney's office to request an investigation into his relationship with the guerrillas
Javier Tarasona with a photo he took to the attorney’s office to request an investigation into his relationship with the guerrillas

On June 30, 2021, Professor Javier Tarasona, Director General of the voluntary charity Fundrades, visited the Attorney General’s Office and called for an inquiry. “Relations of senior officers who exercised military and civilian power in Venezuela” with senior guerrilla commanders. His complaint angered the upper echelons of government in Venezuela, where a large number of leaders of the Bolivarian Revolution are being treated with personal, economic and emotional treatment by irregular groups. One day later, intelligence (Sebin) arrested Tarasona and two volunteer activists.They were produced in a terrorist court yesterday and charged with “inciting hatred, terrorism and treason” and sent to the old La Planta prison.

Intelligence agencies have been backing the case against Fundrais’ co-ordinator for months. They followed him, recorded him, and monitored members of the organization and relatives of Tarasona; They did not find anything, because he was acting in public, he went to the San Cristobal attorney’s office a few days ago, learned of the complaints he had made, and pretended that they were acting there, he attended the Fundredis office daily for coffee in various bakeries. The complaint against a very powerful man in the shadow of Savismo erupted in anger, and they ordered his arrest, which they did along with his brother and two activists.

Relatives, friends and human rights defenders of Javier Tarasona are demanding their freedom

Despite thousands of people in Venezuela and abroad expressing uncertainty and demanding to know the fate of the detainees, government officials, including the public prosecutor’s office, remained silent. A few hours later, a website used by the Venezuelan regime to establish opinion metrics in Savismo, who was awarded the National Press Award in 2016, wrote: The incitement is the result of a criminal investigation into the crime.

The publication further states that “Tarasona, who lives in Tachira, spent the last few months in Norde de Santander. But on Wednesday, after CIA Director William Burns announced his visit to Bogota, he returned to Venezuela, which alerted local intelligence.

That twisted version of the middle-aged Latapla, like all that the regime considers an enemy, seeks to link the defender of human rights with the payments of North American spy agencies, including former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe Wells and other officials.S. The media is lying because holding meetings with various organizations daily in San Diego’s capital, San Cristobal, is disgraceful, public and communicative. “He stopped going to Colombia because for a long time the border could only be crossed by ELN-controlled routes, which means imagine the danger. This is wrong, he has always been here,” fundraiser Tacchira told Inbopa.

A true activist

Jose Javier Tarasona Sanchez is an outstanding professor with postgraduate and doctoral degrees from universities in Venezuela, Chile and Colombia. In 17 days, on July 21, he will certainly return after 39 years in prison in La Planta, where he was sent by the Third Control Court with the jurisdiction of terrorism, in charge of Judge Luisa Rene Garrido Trospalosios. Tarasona, who lives with her mother, is currently unmarried, having previously been with Edixa Rico, the mother of Tarasona’s teenage son.

He stressed that Tarasona suffers from high blood pressure, heart and gastrointestinal problems, and asked that he be allowed to send his medications. “It simply came to our notice then. The only thing he did was defend human rights and work for one country and for the entire state of Tachira. ”

Why was that complaint primarily felt? Since this is a direct complaint against one of the most powerful men of the Bolivarian Revolution, the quiet Captain Ramon Emilio Rodriguez Sassan, a former interior minister and former governor of the state of Curio.

The photo shows Nicholas Rodriguez Batista or Capino, the guerrilla leaders of the National Liberation Army (ELN), who until a few days ago was the leader and leader of the National Liberation Army (ELN), seated at a table led by Rodriguez Sacon. Next to him. Member of the ELN Central Command (COCE-ELN); Elizar Herlindo Zamoro Acosta or Antonio Garcia, now head of the guerrilla organization; And member of the ELN Central Command Israel Ramirez Pineda or Pablo Peltron.

In the description of the photo that unleashed the regime's anger, Rodriguez aides are observed with three senior ELN commanders
In the description of the photo that unleashed the regime’s anger, Rodriguez aides are observed with three senior ELN commanders

The arrest of Javier Tarasona, his brother Rafael Tarasona, and Omar de Dios Garcia, the head lawyer of Fundarides in the Falcon State, is a harsh response against the organization. Not only the presence of the Colombian guerrillas in the territory of Venezuela, but also the release of a conclusive source But this will become a paradigm shift against those who dare to point out the presence of guerrilla groups in Venezuelan territory, which is not only a fact, but also reflects the danger of daily destabilizing Venezuela territory in the hands of unethical people, access to powerful military weapons and the threat to the continent.

Government side

Tarasona could not ignore the request to the Ministry of Public Works, although it was intended to avoid arrest, precisely when he was at the headquarters of the High Attorney’s Office in Coro, the capital of the Balkan state, and his group of activists were harassed by the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBI).

Although many lawyers have named themselves as Tarazona, her brother and Garcia’s legal defenders, Fundaredis’ attorneys are Luis Youெs, legal manager and manager of human rights and documents, Clara Ramரres, who came with a group of activists in the Falcon.

It should be noted that when Tarasona Sanchez appeared before the General Ministry to demand that representatives of the revolution be interrogated with the Colombian guerrillas of the FARC and ELN, he also did so against the mayor of Beas municipality in the state of Apur. Jose Maria Romero, or Sema, whom he pointed to as a member of the Bolivarian National Liberation Army, a Venezuelan armed group, now calls themselves the Patriotic National Liberation Army (FBL / FPLN).

Jose Maria Romero, or Sema, mayor of the municipality of Pace de Abour
Jose Maria Romero, or Sema, mayor of the municipality of Pace de Abour

He not only asked to determine the relationship of Raman Rodriguez Sacon and his wife, Carola de Rodriguez, with the leaders of COCE-ELN, but also to inquire into the role of Rodriguez Sacon’s life partners in guerrilla camps: Fifth El Ventaval and Hato Guapal, in the state of Barinas.

He added, “We request the Ministry of Public Works to report on the relationship between the agricultural register in the name of Raman Rodriguez Sagan, the Acrobakuria Don Pao, and the activities of irregular armed groups in the national territory.” The Ministry of Public Works has been informed that the relationship between BlindJay Securitad y Protestant CA and thousands of weapons has gone missing.

On the other hand, “Today we condemn the role of Jose Maria Romero, the Sema of the Pace Municipality of the State of Apur, in the operation of the Second Marquetalia, and the activities of the FARC and ELN in Venezuela, because this man is the leader of the FPL, the Venezuelan guerrilla organization, through the Polver Stream and Zamora Widespread in Apur and other regions. ”

He stressed the need for an investigation “For whatever reason the mayor of the municipality of Beas in the state of Apur is used as the center of action with ELN and FARC leaders.”

Considering his withdrawal from the ELN command an alternative job as a cabin a week ago, it remains to be seen whether this change will limit the presence of secret tracks, labs and 21 companies in the country. Indicates the depth of illegal activities of guerrilla groups or vice versa ”.

UPEL Professors Association rejects arrest of Tarasona, a professor at the university
UPEL Professors Association rejects arrest of Tarasona, a professor at the university

Sensible and dangerous

Rodriguez Sagan was part of Hugo Chavez’s government and spoke to Infoba. “President Chavez said Ramon was like ‘a loyal dog’ and that he behaved with him. He is deeply distrustful and does not hesitate if he feels he is in danger, which makes him very dangerous. So I can tell you that he stays with friends, it is ideological for him. Makes it easy to not have commitment, yesterday he was a fierce anti-guerrilla fighter, today he is a friend of the guerrilla.I do not know if that explains what he looks like.He sees himself as a Rambo.Your weakness? I know this is strange to his children No, it’s his wife, Carola Martinez de Rodriguez.

A former minister on Twitter
A former minister on Twitter

Prior to Hugo Chavez’s coup against President Carlos Andres Perez, Rodriguez Sassen was a member of the Antonio Peace Specific Command (CEJAP), an anti-guerrilla military unit that had won many victories, but also condemned El Ambaro and the massacre. Los Amberitos.

He has always had a major interest in police intelligence, and it is no coincidence that he studied security and national security, and he holds a doctorate in political science, according to the Podropedia page. When Chavez was appointed interior minister in January 2002, he created his own intelligence network. Without explanation, he left office, but it was a resource used by the then Republican president for the important police work he needed with discretion. ., Such as talks with the FARC on Operation Emmanuel, which led to the release of Clara Leticia Rojas Gonzalez’s captive son when he was abducted with former Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Bettencourt; The abduction lasted eight years.

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