Phone Link may get the option to stream your phone’s camera to Windows

The Phone Link app for Windows 11 may get a feature to stream your Android phone’s camera to the app. This is evident from new references in the associated Link to Windows application code.

Added text strings in the Link to Windows icon to indicate the ability to stream your Android phone’s camera via the Phone Link app on Windows, Discover Robot Authority. Although it’s not explicitly stated that the camera can be used as a webcam, new code strings suggest so.

For example, users must click a notification to stream camera images to a computer. An icon about pausing the video stream has also been found and a warning has been added if the phone gets too hot. In addition, there is mention of an auto-framing function, which allows users to stay in the center of the frame even when they move, and there is talk of filters and video effects, such as one called Face Retouch. It will also be possible to switch between the front and rear cameras based on the code. Microsoft itself has not yet announced the existence of the video streaming function for Telephone Link, as the application is called in Dutch.

It was also previously announced that Google is working on a feature in Android 14 that will allow your Android device’s camera to be used natively as a webcam. To do this, users need to connect the phone to their computer via a USB cable. Apple added a similar Continuity Cam feature to macOS a year ago, which allows iPhone cameras to be used as webcams.

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