June 3, 2023

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Peugeot heads to America with electric Inception concept

Peugeot heads to America with electric Inception concept

By 2030, Peugeot wants to be in Europe All electric brand There are, but for now there is no model, only electric. So they have one E-208 and A E-2008 And coming soon E-308 in our showrooms, but in both cases these were cars built primarily with front-burner engines. However, the Inception Concept wants to change that.

The American Dream?

The concept car will be a preview of Peugeot’s first electric car, which is actually a ‘PEV by design’. This means that the car is built with only an electric powertrain in mind. This usually leads to a more efficient design, so Peugeot promises that the Inception Concept will have a completely different designed interior. In addition, the technology will be ready, for example, with gesture control, the French have not yet commented on the powertrain. However, we assume that the study model will be based on the STLA platform, a new framework for electrical models in the Stellandis group.

Peugeot will unveil the Inception Concept on January 5, and it’s not just happening in their backyard. On the contrary: the concept car will be shown for the first time at CES, the world’s largest technology exhibition — yes — in the US. This is significant because Peugeot has not sold new cars in North America since 1991. Many years ago However, the French cherished the dream of re-entering that market, but that ambition was abandoned after the acquisition of Stellandis. Could a comeback in America be back on Peugeot’s wish list?

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