Pets banned from July 2024: Pete’s vet will update you on the new legislation

Pets banned from July 2024: Pete's vet will update you on the new legislation

Positive list criteria

The new animal law will almost certainly come into force on July 1, 2024. From then on, the “positive list” applies. This list, so far Only for mammals applies, and depends on a number of factors:

1. Whether animals cannot pose a risk to humans, for example through aggression or diseases they can transmit.
2. Whether proper food for the animal is available here and whether it can be properly cared for.
3. Whether their social needs can be met.
4. Whether they can adapt to the Dutch climate.

From 300 to 30 mammals

If animals meet all these criteria, they will be placed on the positive list. And everything is there no Prohibited by the state unless you have a permit. Exactly what does that mean? According to veterinarian Pete, there are approximately 300 mammals in the Netherlands, while there are only 30 on the positive list. This means that many mammals are no longer allowed in the Netherlands.

For example, you may no longer be allowed to keep dwarf hamsters, chinchillas, and servants. What should you do if you have one of these animals at home? You can see that in the video below, where Pete tells you all about the new legislation.

Adopt a guinea pig!

To spice up this serious topic, Pete brought in lots of sweet guinea pigs. Did you like this guinea pig cuddle moment? Private Home and Garden: The Good Life Also very jealous? The good news: You can all adopt Loki, Skoda or Surf. go to Transport animals for more information.

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