Peter Gillies upset after his son Mark’s burglary: ‘He will always be with him’

Peter Gillis op vakantiepark Prinsenmeer.
Peter Gillies at Prinsenmere Holiday Park.
Peter Gillies at Prinsenmere Holiday Park.

Peter Gillies was affected by the brutal theft of his son Mark. He says so on Wednesday on RTL Boulevard. “It won’t bother you.”

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Three men met Mark Gillis on Saturday evening and attacked him at his home in Prinsenmeier holiday park in Umel. He received a lot of kicks and kicks. They left with a hitherto unknown loot.

“Then I’d rather they catch me.”

Father Peter says that “Mark has bothered him for a while” RTL Boulevard. “He’s also back at work. He has to go back to his daily life again. But that will always be with him.”

Peter still feels “a little sloppy” because of this . “It was a serious burglary after all. They are my children. It definitely affects me. Then I’d rather they catch me.”

Since then, security has been tightened again. “We already had personal security. But you’ll see that now, not then.”

“I was looking back twenty years ago.”

It is not clear how much the perpetrators stole, but according to Peter it could not be that much. “The money is in our gardens. I don’t have it here and Markna doesn’t have it either. We don’t have that.”

In his recently published autobiography, you can read that Peter Gillies is on the death list, but it is unclear whether this theft has anything to do with this. “But I don’t know who’s behind it. I don’t want to know either, because I might be driving there myself.”

However, Massa is carefully Kassa’s protagonist. “I’ve been looking back twenty years ago. Two cars have burned in front of the door before. I always have someone with me on autographs.”

“I don’t send anything around anymore.”

Pictures of Mark’s injured face leaked after the assault. “You send a picture to a few people, a few, and eventually this picture ends up in the media. As I say: strictly confidential. So I learned that again. Guys, I don’t send anything anymore.”

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