Peter Gillies ‘deeply sorry’ for lying after Nicole’s accident

Peter Gillies 'deeply sorry' for lying after Nicole's accident

Peter’s lawyer, Ton van de Besienbos, previously confirmed to the national news agency that the couple “regretted” an incident in May involving police. They admit in their statement that something has already happened, which they have previously strongly denied.

“Mr. Gillis and his partner Nicole are sorry that an incident in private life in May this year implicated the police. No report has been filed and therefore a criminal trial is underway against the will of all those involved,” says Ton. from Bizenbos.

Peter is said to be “very sorry” that he lied about this on social media and said he “didn’t handle the situation properly,” he said. Telegraph.

The reality star also insists that he is a man with a “heart of gold” and that “everyone makes mistakes.” When a reporter called him about the news two weeks ago, Peter said he didn’t know how to respond. Then he decided (to continue) to deny the news.

It is not known if Peter also regretted the accident. Furthermore, the reality star is predicting that the planned new season of the series mass cash Just continues.

The lawyer for the well-known holiday park owner says that the substantive treatment of the case previously planned for August 12 will not take place. “At the defense’s request, there must first be more clarity by hearing a witness. The request has already been granted by the court in this sense. The case will therefore not be dealt with on substance on August 12. To a new hearing, which is not yet known “.

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