Pete Davidson left with three tattoos and a trademark (!) to Kim | show

Pete Davidson left with three tattoos and a trademark (!) to Kim |  show

with picturesThe love between Kim Kardashian, 41, and Pete Davidson may have been temporary, but the comedian’s body decorations for his ex-wife are anything but. At least three tattoos mention his relationship with the reality star, as well as the brand.

“It’s so cute, guys!” Kim cheered up a confused Ellen DeGeneres last March. It just revealed that Davidson actually has the word “Kim” on his chest, as has already been whispered. Fans assumed it was a tattoo, but there was no needle.

It’s not a tattoo, it’s Brandsaid Kim, who really melted when she talked about it. “He just wanted something different for once.” After all, Davidson is a “tattoo person” and thus the inked embellishment for your girlfriend is key. After more than three tattoos, he seems to have had a hunch: It’s Saturday night liveHot iron stamp face with Kim’s name stamped on his body.

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Pete Davidson with his trademark. © Instagram Dave Sirius

“I think it was like, ‘I want something I can’t take away,'” Kim said at the time. “I don’t want to be able to take it off, nor to be able to hide it, because it’s just there, like a scar on my shoulder.”

He’ll know that too, now that it’s known today that the two are nine months away Share. By the way, Brand is not Kim’s favorite poem for Davidson’s body. A picture on his left shoulder indicates her ambitions as future lawyer. On the tattoo, he wrote: “My girl is a lawyer.”

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Pete Davidson's corpse says:

“My girl is a lawyer,” says Pete Davidson’s body. © Instagram Stories Kim Kardashian

Fans also discovered a tattoo that reads “KNSCP” near his shoulder earlier this year. He will refer to Kim and her children North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm, whom she had with Kanye West.

Beth also has the names Jasmine and Aladdin on his collarbone, with the infinity symbol (∞) in between. It’s a reference to the sitcom the two played together Saturday night liveWhere they kissed each other for the first time.

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Kim was not branded or tattooed, but she thought Pete, 28, was the same. This was also hoped for by him. He previously took some tattoos of his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande, which he has covered in recent years. The singer did the same with the accolades she took for him.

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