Perez is confident of a ‘second home race’ for the United States: a ‘stage goal’

Perez is confident of a 'second home race' for the United States: a 'stage goal'

After finishing his stage in Turkey, Sergio Perez will start his ‘second home race’ in Austin, USA and remain confident in the remaining six races. “I hope to be back on stage there again.”

Perez feels there is reason to be confident because: “Although Mercedes has been very strong in the last four or five races, I think we have good rounds in Austin and then Mexico, even though we have not been able to compete with them in terms of speed. Stay for us.”

“You’ll see we do good shows,” the Red Bull driver expects. Although it is important that the team does everything right and makes the most of those weekends. “This is an important race for us,” Perez says of America. “I look forward to it. Like the rest of the team. I hope I can be on stage again in Austin.

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The American Grand Prix is ​​a special one for Perez anyway. “Austin feels like a second home race to me because I always get a warm welcome,” the Mexican says. He can always count on a lot of support because there are so many Mexican or Mexican people in Texas Roots Long live

In addition, many of his comrades (at least in the years without Corona) travel to Texas. However, Perez and his fans will not have to wait long for his own home race: the Mexican Grand Prix is ​​next to the United States on November 7th.

“This is the most special part of the season for me,” Perez said. “I think it’s very good to have a Grand Prix in Miami from next season. It feels like another home race for me.” “And I think Formula 1 will get bigger.”

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