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This is also the case with broadcast television, right? Netflix has its own exclusive series and movies, Disney + too, Prime too,… All series and movies and on all platforms, what’s the point of all the different streaming channels?

It is better to differentiate yourself from the competition in things other than exclusive content such as video streaming services, price, picture/sound quality, availability on multiple platforms or ease of use for example.

Different music streaming services overlap a lot in terms of available content, but they can still coexist with each other with their advantages and disadvantages.

And another important point is that exclusives get the best out of the system because it is designed for it without taking other platforms into consideration, and they can get the most out of it.

In my opinion, the PS5 and Xbox are almost exactly the same in basic hardware, same CPU, same amount of onboard memory, and they both have a fast PCIe SSD and the same GPU architecture.
With regard to a PC, this may mean that the system requirements should be slightly increased, but this will not be a limitation in terms of computing power.

It would also be much better for the environment if people didn’t have to buy multiple devices that could do exactly the same thing, perhaps somewhat required after the argument, but since big companies often pretend to be too “green”, consent is not the least warranted.

Nintendo is just outside the board in terms of computing power, but I personally see this as more than just a full game console like PS5, Xbox or PC.

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