Patrick Keiken: It’s loud on Radio 10, and Ekdom and Van Someren keep quiet

Patrick Keiken: Top 40 returns at 538 on Friday for Quinn and Sander

[BLOG] This is also a thing, if your morning and afternoon jocks don’t let the light into each other’s eyes. At least that’s what I hear across the well-known corridors of Hilversum: Gerard Eckdom (Radio 10 morning show) and Rob van Someren (10 noon radio show) avoid each other, keep each other silent, and if one is in a meeting, cancel the other. If that was true, then such a thing would of course be disastrous for your team spirit. And again we can (slightly) blame the owner of the best radio station in Talpa, John de Mol.

Apparently, last Tuesday was a very dark day for and in Talpa Radio: not only did the lawsuit go as hoped (Talpa simply has to bid for security next year and lose one FM radio station anyway), so did the people listening who They were posted that day crying. Sky Radio, Radio 538 and Radio 10 all lost a lot of money. At 10 plus respectively 0.1% for Sky, 0.3% for 538 and 0.6% (!) for 10. Only Veronica plus 0.4%. The overall decline in Talpa Radio’s group in one year is particularly worrying: 1.3% off for 538, 0.9% for Sky and 0.4% for 10. Then the new method of measurement is yet to come.

There is nothing more disastrous for a radio station than if your morning and evening shows don’t work together. Even worse when they avoid or avoid each other. Who or what caused it? I’ve talked about this place before Planet Ekdom. This guy really runs his toko with his team in 10, you hear that from everyone. Especially now that he’s back on TV, Sir, he’s taken off. On Today Inside on SBS6, Gerard found out that it takes a lot more than just speaking softly and acting a little harsh about how well you know music to make a good TV show. In any case, the Master sees himself as a star with star attraction attached to him.

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Then John de Mol also managed to proclaim Gerrard “Ekdom has been on the radio for 30 years” in a dull, stupid memory. Standard stand for Radio 10. In terms of prestige in programming, he may be, but only one person is worthy of that title within 10 years and that’s of course Rob Van Someren. He hit 10 big again by bringing a whole bunch of Veronica listeners to the station with his team at the time of RadioCorp’s ownership of the station. And let’s not forget that Best Man was also involved with Radio 10 in the early 90’s before leaving for TROS. It’s just the crowd breathing in and it’s the best match for them, not Gerrard’s fake voice Botox and hair transplantation Ekdom, residents of the planet Ekdom.

It is foolish for de Mol to say such a thing and to stab Gerard with more feathers in the ass. While this morning show really could be improved: it’s a lot more predictable. Anyway, the same can also be said about Talpa’s other morning show that never caught on: Wietze on 538. Only Veronica’s morning can be described as solid and steady. Back to radio talpa (still) cashcow 10 and the obvious quarrel between Van Someren and Ekdom. This can also be attributed to the lack of a successor to program leader Ronald Snoeger. Some temps do it now, but a good, new, experienced stationmaster (I call one Onko Serfontaine) has long since stepped in and dined with both gentlemen at that expensive place in Blaricum, Red Sun. And where is the golden hand of the guy who was brought back from Qmusic with a bang Dave Minbow?!

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Even though they talk to each other behind the scenes and this rumor is bullshit, I have never heard of them or each other on the radio. Discuss and encourage it anyway! If necessary, throw in a few hundred and go watch football in Barcelona with these guys for the weekend. This kills your market share and your station: your morning and afternoon show should constantly reference each other and not act like a rag in a junk bin that never speaks to each other. Reminds me of a producer on Veronica who said “We’re not going to announce another radio show?!”. Yes oetlul, you work in the same radio station and really need each other’s help and support.

If disc jockeys also have a cold war among themselves, that’s totally priceless. Shut up with this nonsense! Otherwise, Terminal 10 will be just after 538 and Sky will be the next stop to go to the showrooms. The advantage is that De Mol no longer has to buy expensive FM frequencies for it. Is this his intention, just to let the stations bleed to death? The have-I-you-there capital destruction case. To quote the Queen’s song: Mamma Mia Mamma Mia.

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