Patient Harry de Winter does not want to suffer: ‘Then I take matters into my own hands’ | stars

Patient Harry de Winter does not want to suffer: 'Then I take matters into my own hands' |  stars

To Jeroen Pauw who won last place winter time De Winter told him to try to prolong his life as long as possible, but not at any cost. “I wouldn’t suffer for years in a hospice or hospital bed, or in my living room with six caregivers. Then I would take matters into my own hands.”

De Winter said he’s already arranged everything, but he doesn’t have a text of his tombstone yet. “I recently read somewhere: the most important is not the years, but the line between them.”

“I don’t care about death,” de Winter said. Only when doctors say it’s cured does he start to think about it. “I can’t spend the whole day dealing with this death.” While he’s still feeling good, he’s trying to get the most out of life.

Forty years of TV

In the last episode of winter time De Winter himself was allowed to tell something about the role music plays in his life.

He said he has given television shows for over forty years. “Over the past twenty years we have winter time† Last year, I gained five. De Winter brought up many memories of his long television career. Fragments of View filter forur, a program he made for NCRV in the 1970s. When the program ended, he became a producer of programs like languagewhat ever And 12 cities 13 incidents

Musical productions

De Winter has also recorded concerts for major acts such as U2, Pink Floyd, Madonna and Prince. “We ended up in heaven,” he said of all the musical products he’s made over the years.

De Winter was also allowed to show off some of his favorite musicians, as he always let his guests do just that. Bob Dylan, Tony Joe White, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Cand Heat and Alex Roica passed.

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