Parents Eva Genk eloped at a young age: ‘Very strong people’

Parents Eva Genk eloped at a young age: 'Very strong people'

Eva’s book is full of inspiring stories, the talk show host also wanted to meet her mother for this, but she refused, says the presenter. “My mom is a very independent person, so I couldn’t convince her to interview me, so I said, ‘That’s a good mom, then I’ll write about you,'” said RTL’s face.

Eva’s parents had to flee Prague at a young age because her father was into student resistance. “He had been with my mother for two years by then,” the Late Night Queen continues the story. “My parents were under the impression, then they were 23 and 18, and everyone around them — my grandparents too: they were all still alive at the time — that would be for a few months. And they would go away while” and that Western Europeans or Americans They came to save them, the Russians could not stay? But, as we know, that did not happen.”

Her parents never came home. They were not allowed to return legally until after the fall of the wall in 1989, because they had become persona non grata. Eventually, Eva’s father and mother ended up in the Netherlands, where they were awarded a scholarship and where they were received “with open arms,” ​​according to the program presenter. In the Netherlands, they built a whole new life together, without their own social safety net. “It made a huge impression in their lives and that – as I write in the book – changed my mother forever.”

According to the announcer, her mother has always been independent, but since she has been alone since the age of eighteen, she has developed a strong inner compass. This also increased the progress of the presenter in life. She explains, “Because my mother is very independent in her thinking and acting, she also helped me tremendously by always telling me, ‘Focus on your work, on what you do. Do it well, but don’t worry about it. What everyone thinks about you. If you have a parent who tells you that, it helps tremendously with all the big steps you’re taking, making you dare.”

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