Parent company Vivera is leaving the US

Parent company Vivera is leaving the US

A meat processor from São Paulo took over the Dutch Vivera About. The fake meat producer came into the hands of a Brazilian company for 341 million euros. The acquisition was mainly aimed at giving JBS access to the European market, and gave Vivera more opportunities to grow.

Now JPS appears to be withdrawing from the US and Canadian meat substitute markets. Reuters reported. It also closes two plants of American subsidiary Plantera. According to Vivera CEO Willem van Weede, this is a realistic choice. “A US company is too small to succeed in the current economic climate. “JPS is therefore concentrating investments in two large operations: Vivera Europe and Incrivel Brazil,” says van Wiede.

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Vivera for Australia

Vivera is not sold in the United States and Canada. “We are focusing on the European market,” says van Wiede. “But we are also building operations outside of Europe, through the JBS network. Including Australia.”

After years of growth, sales of meat alternatives lagged for the first time this year. According to research firm IRI, this is due to reduced purchasing power, So let De Volkskrant know. As a result, consumers prefer cheaper over sustainable.

High inflation

On the other hand, high inflation has a greater impact on meat prices than meat alternatives because it takes more (food, fertilizer) to ‘harvest’ beef than potatoes. As a result, the price differential between meat and meat substitutes has narrowed in recent months.

According to Van Wiede, it’s important at this time for everyone to take responsibility for promoting sustainable food. “No more kilo bangers and promote meat alternatives.” According to the Vivera CEO, the Dutch market has recently shown growth in sales of meat substitutes, as has the market in Germany and Italy.

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