April 2, 2023

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Pardon a classic American turkey, but they won't live long |  Abroad

Pardon a classic American turkey, but they won’t live long | Abroad

President Biden will pardon a turkey in North Carolina this afternoon on Thanksgiving Day. The day on which God is thanked in the United States and Canada for this year’s harvest is also the day on which plenty of turkey is traditionally eaten.

“They did nothing wrong,” an American journalist added eloquently, pardoning two turkeys. Thanksgiving includes a celebrating turkey that is allowed to stay in a luxurious hotel room in Washington, only to be provided by the US President at a press conference.

Two birds from North Carolina are in luck this year. They are the winners of the regional preselections. Their names are still kept secret, which is also part of the action. The American media is preparing for a sunny party at the White House. After the presidential pardon, both animals will go to the University of North Carolina, where they will be allowed to age.

However, there is more and more to go around the turkey party. This mainly concerns the living conditions of many American turkeys.

Turkey ceremony date

Independent US broadcaster NPR delved into the history of the odd blessing phenomenon, noting that — while some recent presidents have claimed the tradition goes back much further — it wasn’t until 1963 that the turkey really received the presidential blessing. The 20-kilogram animal was presented to President John F. Kennedy in front of the roasting oven. “We just let it grow,” he concluded.

Before and after, the presidents were supposed to eat the donated turkey with their families, because the generous donor, the National Turkey Growers Federation, wanted to promote the consumption of the bird. The role of the federation is seen as more important, because the organization annually donates tons to the major political parties in the United States. The goal: more benevolence to the wishes of the industry. Last year, $140,000 was spent lobbying the federal government for additional financial support because of Corona.

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Leaving John F. Kennedy his turkey live, but he wouldn’t utter a word of pardon. Ronald Reagan was the first to do so in 1987. According to NPR, he made a joke to divert attention from the Iran-Contra scandal at the time. During Turkey’s bid, the president was asked to pardon two leaders in illegal arms sales to Iran, including Oliver North. Reagan, who had already pledged to leave the turkey that year for a petting zoo, tied the turkey up in front of him. Then Grace took on a life of her own.

Last year’s turkey was lucky “peanut butter”. © AFP


By the way, grace is often short-lived for the lucky ones themselves. “Turks are raised for the table, not for longevity,” a man who once raised presidential turkeys told CNN. The Humane League, an international nonprofit dedicated to ending the abuse of animals raised for food, said today that the presidential pardon and freedom of turkeys stands in stark contrast to the bleak life on factory farms, where turkeys are sociable and lively. Birds that are playful by nature turn into aggressive animals due to overcrowding.

The organization lists five reasons why Americans should avoid eating turkey this year.

1. Animals are on top of each other in factory farms.

2. America still doesn’t have federal animal welfare regulations for turkeys.

3. Cruelty to animals: To prevent them from harming each other – and thus devaluing them – turkeys often have their beaks trimmed. Sharp claws are also removed.

4. The alarmingly large amount of ammonia in the stables due to overcrowding and poor ventilation.

5. Livestock farming is an important cause of global warming.

In recent years, many American companies are growing by offering a meat-free Thanksgiving. More and more organizations are also adopting turkeys for a long life on an animal-friendly farm. they life stories It is maintained on a dedicated website.

Thanksgiving is the national holiday in the United States and Canada in which Heaven (God) is thanked for that year’s good harvest. With Thanksgiving comes the turkey party discussed above. It is a party with a short tradition, about which more and more questions have been raised in recent years in the American media. Indeed, saving the lives of two turkeys is a PR moment for the mighty American turkey industry, which annually produces 200 million animals for human consumption. Its value in the US economy is estimated at more than $24 billion. One in five is eaten during Thanksgiving meals.