Pannekoek, Van Meurs, Wintel and De Boer beat Polivinario

Pannekoek, Van Meurs, Wintel and De Boer beat Polivinario
Award winners during the ceremony

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Peter Pannekoek, Rene van Meurs and the duo Yentl and de Boer are this year’s winners of the Polyvinario Award, awards for the best cabaret acts. The Neerlands Hoop Encouragement Award went to theatrical duo n00b. The concert took place tonight at the Diligentia Theater in The Hague.

Pannekoek won the participation category with his show DNA. The judges said: “Few comedians work as hard as Pannekoek at their performances, and he shines in all aspects.” “Big themes, original points of view, bold conventions, and a varied sense of humor: he challenges himself in every performance and never takes the easy way out. There is no shortage of poignancy, courage, and well-thought-out phrases.”

Van Morse won 2636 In the entertainment category. The jury praised him for his “balanced programme”. “There is room for countless comedic anecdotes that are recognizable among contemporaries, but also for the realization that fatherhood creates a turning point in life that should not be taken lightly.”

“Sensual theatrical party”

to Lush Yentl Schieman and Christine de Boer won in the Kleinkunst category. According to the judges, they “bring out the best in each other” through the show. In their first new performance since then Charm In 2017, the duo presents “a sensual theatrical concert, in which the number of beautiful songs is so great that it is difficult to choose a favourite.”

The judging panel said n00b’s Isabel Kafando and Laura Packer “came and saw the theaters and their audiences and were blown away by a whirlwind of drawings.”

The Cabaret Awards have been awarded since 2003. Previous winners include Marc-Marie Huijbregts, Theo Maassen, Claudia de Brigg, Wim Helssen and Erik van Muyswinkel.

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