Ozkan Akyol on the allegations of “friend” Matisse van Neukerk

Ozkan Akyol on the allegations of "friend" Matisse van Neukerk

Gentlemen Today inside Last night cards expected article from The Volkskrant About Matisse van Neukirk. Who is likely to be accused of misconduct during the program period The world goes on. dinner guest Özcan Akyol, who is also a friend of Van Nieuwkerk, answers these doubts and Johan Dirksen has some advice for the former.DWDD-Presenter.

on the table in VI– Men go first, Once again, about the program Chansons!! With Rob Kempes and Matisse Van Newkirk. But then Rene van der Geep took a different path. “The Matthijs piece is coming this week, isn’t it? The de Volkskrant‘, Van der Gijp asks fellow colleague Wilfred Genee. ‘Oh my gosh what happened behind the scenes,’ Jenny replies. Johan Dirksen then confirms that it’s probably a complete accessory. Jenny concludes ‘Tyrant’.

Ozkan Akyol responds to allegations made against Matisse van Neukirk’s “friend”

According to Van der Gijp, Van Nieuwkerk is very busy with him. He then bounced the ball toward dinner guest Ozkan Akyol, who is also a friend of Van Neukirk. “I also read everywhere that there will be a piece. But I don’t know what will be in it, so we have to wait and see,” Akyol replies.

Jenny confirms it VolkscraneIt took me a long time to write that piece. “It took five months, so they’re bound to come up with something like an editor in chief,” says Dirksen. “From what I hear in the world, he was a tough guy. But this guy was one of the best sports. Every evening the best-watched program in the Netherlands.” According to Dirksen, the term “insulting behavior” is being used very quickly these days. “Sometimes there are those editors who don’t do anything about it or do a bad job and sometimes things get oversimplified. Then you completely reprimand them. This is now called infringing behavior and you can be arrested. I don’t mind all of that. It happens in every company.”

Johann Dirksen advises on accusations of infringing conduct

Genee wants to check with Akyol if Van Nieuwkerk will respond to this fuss. Something Akyol doesn’t know. “I guess it depends on what’s in that piece. And whether he’s going to respond on that basis or not. If it’s all nonsense, you can also say, ‘That doesn’t make sense.’ But if you’re going to respond, you’re going to stand up for yourself.” And then he agreed with Dirksen’s words. “If leadership is autocratic, should you stand up for it?”

According to Dirksen, Van Neukirk should not respond to anything. But he is afraid to have a fileThe world goes onThe presenter of these stories cannot be tolerated because of his arrogance. “He thinks it’s too bad that this happens, but you have to care. Don’t respond, because you know what the newspapers are. If they’re going to publish something like that first, your work will be done in a few pages. Then they say, ‘You can say everything in an interview'” .and then put Matthias back in, don’t do that,” advises Dirksen. “Or with the competition, if you do.”

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Ozkan Akyol responds to allegations about “friend” Matisse van Neukirk: “Defending the authoritarian leadership?”

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