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OVpay is delaying the national rollout of checking in with a debit, credit or debit card tied to a smartphone or wearable until the end of 2022. The company cites “setbacks on the technology side” as the reason for the delay.

At first, debit card check-in option from this summer Possible for everyone in the Netherlands, but notes m That OVpay has postponed this to the “end of 2022”. From now on, it should be possible everywhere in the Netherlands to check in with a debit card, linked physically or digitally, for single trips at full price.

The company’s public transport smart card system will also be delayed. OVpay says now On the official website: “Introducing OVpay step-by-step. We are working hard to ensure that everyone can check-in and check-out through OVpay everywhere by 2023. (…) Only when we are sure of its success will we be able to introduce it nationally. We must It has to be good and it has to be reliable.” By all, the company also refers to customers of any type of public transit subscription. At the moment, it is only possible to pay for individual flights at full price. Later, it will be possible to link public transport subscriptions via OVpay to debit cards. The company is not ruling out the possibility that the rollout of this check-in option will have a “tail until 2024”.

In an interview with AD, the company explained that software problems caused the delay. OVpay says it has to implement the technology at tens of thousands of check-in points, which appears to be taking longer than expected. “It remains a program, so it’s always more complex than you think. The layout has been modified accordingly.”

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For now, the company will continue to conduct trials in different Dutch cities and regions. In Amsterdam, Lelystad, Gooi en Vechtstreek, Zwolle, Zaanstrek and Delft, among others, are experimenting with OVpay.

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