Overwatch 2 movie review

Overwatch 2 movie review

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Overwatch 2 is pretty much the same as Overwatch 1, with minor changes to the game’s tactics, new characters, new maps, a new mode and a new revenue model. Is that bad? Yes and no. Just like its predecessor, Overwatch 2 is a good game and therefore a lot of fun. But after weeks of server problems and errors, it’s hard to be excited about it. It doesn’t seem like a worthwhile sequel at this point, without the co-op mode that won’t be added until 2023. That’s even more painful, as the old Overwatch hasn’t been updated for years because the development team has been so busy with Overwatch 2. The outcome of that choice is of course disappointing. It is a very ironic result.

Overwatch 2 is a great shooting game, especially if you play it with friends. The game offers little new compared to its predecessor, but some minor changes have profound implications for how this multiplayer game is played. This isn’t really surprising, because we already knew that after our previous beta sessions. In fact, we all knew that when Overwatch 2 was announced in 2019, the core of Overwatch is very strong and Overwatch 2 is basically based on that. Overwatch 2 is also a multiplayer game that combines team tactics and a wide range of colorful characters (“heroes”) with special superpowers. This actor comes to life through conversations and information in the game, but also outside of it, for example in comics and short animations. The heroes are well known and fun, and their lyrics are really well written.

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The first Overwatch game was also a very good multiplayer game: six against six, a clear goal, many levels, many modes and many ways to play. It doesn’t matter how you help in Overwatch, as long as you help. Can’t aim too well? No problem, because then you can play as a support class and still matter. Does support dislike you? Try it as a tank, which can cause more damage.

Not a worthy supplement

All of these different gameplay styles came together in the first game of Overwatch under some kind of blanket tactic, or meta. In recent years, there has been some wear and tear in this definition. Work became very consistent. Players mainly fought tanks that repelled the attack with their large shields. This caused obvious bottlenecks in the levels, as players ‘stuck’. The game developer, Blizzard, tried to fix that, but the games remained predictable. However, Overwatch also became predictable on another front: the game received almost no updates, as Blizzard’s development team was busy with the second part. This is ironic, of course: Overwatch has actually been “incarcerated” with its own sequel for years.

But the most painful part of this story is that even after all that waiting, Overwatch 2 isn’t complete yet. The game was supposed to start with a narrative co-op mode, but to everyone’s surprise, Blizzard recently announced that this content isn’t in the game yet. Blizzard says it won’t add the mode to the game until 2023. What’s left is the multiplayer portion of the game. Overwatch 2 is no longer offering anything at the moment.

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Numerous server issues do not make reviewing this game any easier. We couldn’t play properly until a week after our release. In addition, there were bugs that caused two characters, Mei and Bastion, to be temporarily removed from the game. All this together makes this Overwatch 2 review a crime; The game is not complete yet. At the same time, it has just been released as a free game in which players can spend money to their heart’s content.

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