Overisel believes that the current closure against Corona is no longer responsible: ‘We are opening’ | the interior

Overisel believes that the current closure against Corona is no longer responsible: 'We are opening' |  the interior

The Overseas County government advocates primarily for shopkeepers, restaurants, the cultural sector and the events industry. “The costs are increasing rapidly. The worry is faster,” says Haidema. “Entrepreneurs are taking matters into their own hands and still opening their businesses. This is not allowed, but it is absolutely possible. Especially if you have to see with sadness that the shops and catering establishments are open right across the border, so that the turnover of German colleagues ends up. ”

It’s time to take a different path, now that the vaccination rate has increased and there appears to be a type of virus with milder complaints, according to county officials. “No lessons have been learned from field labs and other experiments that show that activities can be conducted responsibly and safely under certain conditions. We find that very impressive.” Overijssel Cabinet wants to use this knowledge and experience now. And to develop a plan with entrepreneurs, employees, schools, cultural institutions and others that “offer a perspective on life with the virus”.

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Support for the current lockdown is also waning elsewhere in the Netherlands. Mayor Otwin van Dijk of Achterhoek municipality in Oude IJsselstreek will not dictate if the shops and catering industry in his municipality open on Saturday. The question is whether the government will announce on Friday that it is allowed again. The mayor’s spokesperson said on Wednesday that even if this is not allowed, the mayor wants to support the protest opening “as a kind of statement.”

The requirement, Van Dyck says, is that entrepreneurs who open their businesses do so in a safe and responsible manner. Like many other mayors, he wants to make plans to reopen the community in a controlled manner. Other municipalities in Achterhoek are also considering allowing shops and restaurants to open illegally once on Saturday as a demonstration. They will discuss it on Friday.

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The Security Council will also meet on Thursday evening regarding the Corona measures that the Council of Ministers will announce on Friday. Council Chairman Hubert Bruls, mayor of Nijmegen, said earlier this week that the OMT outbreak management team must devise a “compelling story” to maintain the strict lockdown for longer. He described it as “horrific” for business people that so many Dutch people cross the border to shop and eat out. Bruls did not plan to allow entrepreneurs to open their businesses illegally on Saturday.

The Ministry of Justice does not want to say what will happen if the closure is extended, but the shops in Oude IJsselstreek will open without intervention from the municipality. A spokesperson said it was not yet certain if that would actually happen. Justice Minister Dylan Yeseljuz said earlier on Wednesday that it was “up to the people themselves” to follow the rules and that she did not want to prejudge “if, then” scenarios.


Sittard Jillen municipality describes it as a joke that Dutch customers spend their money across the border. “We share the concerns expressed by entrepreneurs about the survival of their business. Especially in a border area like ours. Due to differences in national measures, the consequences for our entrepreneurs are more serious, because clients spend their money in Belgium and Germany. Our entrepreneur will not see this turnover. Later “.

The municipality does not yet want to say whether Sittard Jillen will run out if stores open on Saturday when they shouldn’t. “We are waiting for a decision from the new government,” the municipality said. “So we will not expect the announced opening by businessmen in Sittard Jilin on Saturday.”

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The municipality of Slydrecht, one of the municipalities that sent a fire letter to Cabinet on Tuesday to reopen non-essential shops, points out that if measures are not relaxed, the municipality is counting on people in Slydrecht to continue complying with the rules. .. “If in one case this is not the case, we will monitor and implement if necessary.”

Virologist Louis Croce criticizes government policy on Corona:

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