Outsiders voted for Van der Plas and Simmons for Baudet . book

Outsiders voted for Van der Plas and Simmons for Baudet . book

Democracy Forum leader Terry Baudt during a signing session for his book Het Coronabedrog in RAI.Image ANP / ANP

The president of the Forum for Democracy has repeatedly called on his Twitter followers to write on his book in recent days Corona deception For help with the NS Audience Award. In the voting process, the organization asked the participants to leave their email address, but failed to request a vote confirmation via this address. This made it possible to vote on behalf of someone else.

Sylvana Simmons (Big 1) and Caroline van der Plas (BoerBurgerBeweging) announced on Twitter Saturday afternoon that they had received an email thanking them for voting on Baudet’s book. Both politicians, however, did not cast this vote themselves. “The election for the NS Audience Award is manipulated,” says van der Plas.

Then the organization decided to temporarily close the polls. Only after email confirmation was included in the voting process was voting possible again on Saturday afternoon. The organization does not want to limit the number of votes cast so far for Baudet’s book.

All people who previously voted will also receive an email today or tomorrow to verify their vote. “If this confirmation is not forthcoming, the vote will be declared invalid,” says a spokesperson for Stichting Collectieve Propaganda of the Dutch Book. This organization awards a book award on behalf of NS.

The spokesperson acknowledges anyone with multiple email addresses can cheat. The organization checks on the basis of the voter’s IP address whether people are not secretly casting multiple votes. “We’ve always done it this way,” the spokesperson said. “It was never a problem.”

The six bestselling books originally written in Dutch are nominated every year for the NS Audience Award. Baudet’s book is not one of those, but readers can also vote for unfiltered books. The winner will be announced on November 16th.

Claudia de Brij is one of the contenders with her autobiography of Princess Amalia. The other nominees are Susan Smit (Witch of Limbrecht), Esther Verhoff (night shift), Susan Vermeer (error(Annejet van der Zijl)Fortune kidsand Michael BellarczykMaster your mindset).

Last year, the NS Audience Award went to Lale Gül’s book I Will Live. That year a record number of votes of at least 210,000 were cast.

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