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Square Enix will release a Worldslayer Edition, a $40 expansion for Outriders, on June 30. The expansion includes an all-new campaign, a higher level hat, and new and new weapons game over† According to the makers, the expansion is also suitable for new players.

The new story in Worldslayer is completely separate from the original game, according to publisher Square Enix. Players who previously played the game released last year can continue with their current character. There is also an option to start with a new character at level 30.

at mega theme on reddit The makers explain the new campaign and all other additions to the game. The game will include a ascent system, which would enable players to continue making progress for a long time. This system is available after level 30 and players can spend earned Ascent Points across four classes: Brutality, Endurance, Dexterity, and Anomaly. A total of 200 rise points can be obtained.

Outriders came out about a year ago. It shooter shooter With RPG elements that can be played in a cooperative mode, it was created by developer People Can Fly. Tweaker posted a Outriders . Review† The game is available for Windows, Xbox, PlayStation and Google Stadia consoles. The Worldslayer upgrade costs €40.

Outriders Worldslayer

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