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Links in Outlook and Teams now open in Edge by default instead of users’ preferred browser. Microsoft announced that it was doing this a few weeks ago, but is now implementing the change for Microsoft 365 customers.

Microsoft Confirm change in a supporting document. If you have a Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscription, links from the Outlook app will now open in Microsoft Edge by default, with the original email appearing in the Edge sidebar. This is intended to allow users to “quickly access and reply to messages from linked and authenticated profiles.” In addition to links in Outlook, links from Teams messages open automatically in Edge.

Thus applications ignore default settings already set by users, such as when they set Chrome or Firefox as default browser. Users can turn it off if they want. The first time the link opens in Edge, but then users can set another browser as the default browser. This is also possible from the Outlook settings, but not from the Windows settings itself, where users actually have to decide what will be their default browser.

Microsoft said Already in February She wanted to make this change. The company brought that as a feature where users also had the context directly in Edge by viewing the same email or Teams message. However, Microsoft didn’t say this would become the default right away.

The new policy only applies to private users at this time. In the future, managed environments will also be included within Microsoft 365 Professional. Microsoft has Those responsible have already been informed about this. Administrators have 30 days to decide what the policy should be for opening links.

Microsoft has received a lot of criticism in recent years for the way it tries to force Edge on users. Windows 10 has made regular adjustments as the default browser has been reverted to Edge after the update and the operating system presents several warnings when users want to update their browser. Earlier this week, it was announced that Edge was no longer the second most popular browser for the first time in a long time, losing market share to Safari.

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