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OPPO shows a teaser for a smartphone with a rear camera and an extended lens. Details from the video indicate that it is not a zoom lens. It seems that OPPO would like to use the technology to combine a telephoto lens with a larger sensor.

OPPO talks about a “self-developed retractable camera”. the device says The inscription is 1/1.56″ and 50mm f/2.4. This refers to the size of the sensor and the characteristics of the viewfinder, respectively. It is probably a 50mm equivalent telephoto lens, which is usually referred to in smartphones as a lens with 2x zoom.

The sensor measures 1/1.56 inches in size at about 50 square millimeters which isn’t remarkably large for smartphones, but for use with a telephoto lens. The biggest sensors in today’s smartphones It has an area of ​​about 100 mm², but is used with primary cameras that have a lens with a focal length equivalent to about 25 mm.

For telephoto lenses with a longer focal length, manufacturers have to use a smaller sensor, otherwise phones will get too thick. One solution is to use a periscope architecture, where the sensor is placed perpendicular to the instrument. This is also only possible with a relatively small sensor.

So OPPO’s retractable camera can be used to make a telephoto camera with a relatively large sensor, which provides better image quality. It is not yet known whether the manufacturer actually plans to release a device with this technology. OPPO shows the teaser ahead of its Innoday on December 14th. At this event, the manufacturer demonstrates new technologies.

OPPO regularly showcases smartphone technology concepts without advertising tangible products. Earlier this year, the Chinese manufacturer introduced another binocular optical zoom lens With the equivalent of 85-200mm for smartphones.

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