OpenVMS default operating system is widely available for x86 systems – PC – News

VMS Software has made an official release of OpenVMS 9.2 available for x86 machines. OpenVMS is a virtual operating system that can run entirely in RAM and used to be known as a well secured operating system.

OpenVMS is now available to all users It can be downloaded from the portal, after the operating system was already launched as a beta version a year ago. This is version 9.2, suitable for x86 systems. Previously, downloaders had to obtain a license through registration, but this requirement no longer exists.

OpenVMS is an operating system that has been in development since the 1970s. The operating system, whose name stands for Virtual Memory System, stands out mainly because it uses virtual memory management. This makes the operating system very interesting for virtual machines. The operating system was also known to be secure from attacks for this reason, which is why it was often used by banks and the health sector.

Last year, VMS Software released a port to make the operating system available for x86-64 architecture. This was initially intended for HPE and Dell servers, but support was later added for VMs from KVM, VirtualBox, and VMware. In the future, the software also had to run on Hyper-V VMs.

It remains to be seen if the operating system will remain popular with ordinary users. Professional users can port the software to modern devices after registration, but amateurs or repairmen have not had access to the operating system yet. OpenVMS comes standard with some open source tools and languages ​​such as curl, PHP and Python and with Kerberos and OpenSSH.

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