Online Transportation – Empty shelves are also threatened by driver shortages in the United States

Amsterdam – American food producers are finding it difficult to supply stores across the United States due to staff shortages as a result of the Corona. This sometimes creates empty shelves. Problems have arisen in the United Kingdom for the same reason. There, Brexit increases staff shortages.

Cisco, the largest food distribution company in North America, may have to exclude customers in some areas if demand is high. In addition, the company notes that prices of poultry, pork and paper packaging and delivery meals are rising due to shortages.

Competitor United Natural Foods also recognizes the issues. In addition to staff shortages, the company sees delays in delivering some imported food items such as cheese and herbs. “We expect more challenges in the coming seasons, but will gradually recover in the fall and winter,” the company said.


Store analytics firm DecaData looks at both store sales and purchases and finds that they are running against the capabilities of the manufacturers. It increases as supermarkets store in preparation for the holiday season. In July, the number of manufacturers setting maximum orders from supermarkets was more than double that of earlier this year.

American companies in many sectors are struggling to find enough staff. People who want to be physically fit in a company during corona infections and want to work from home. In addition, unemployment benefits have been temporarily increased and many Americans have received additional checks from the government with compensation due to the epidemic. As a result, some people have the opportunity to look for a better job than they did before.

Lack of driving

The shortage of truck drivers is also huge. The industry is in high demand as the number of online orders worldwide has increased during the Corona crisis. As a result, companies are competing with companies like Amazon, UPS and FedEx in attracting drivers.

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