Online Transport – KLM triples the number of people booking in the US

Amsterdam – The number of new bookings for air tickets to the United States has more than tripled since KLM opened the US for vaccinations. In mid-October, it was announced that the United States would open its borders on Monday to travelers fully vaccinated against the corona virus.

“Once the boundaries are opened, we will take immediate notice of this in our customer search and booking behavior,” a KLM spokesperson said. According to him, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco are currently the favorite destinations of the Dutch, but he did not mention specific booking figures.

KLM has expanded its capacity to various US locations. For example, the number of flights to Atlanta has almost doubled to 12 a week. New York’s JFK Airport will fly 11 times a week this winter.

In addition to the vaccination certificate, passengers must show a negative corona test result before departure. One test alone is not enough. It should not be taken more than 72 hours before the test arrives. If requested, passengers should also share who they were in contact with.

As far as is known, passengers have not encountered any problems so far due to the new rules. Shipole has given airlines extra space to check documents. The airport was not overcrowded.

Since the onset of the corona epidemic in March last year, the United States has had a strict entry policy, meaning that a US passport or residence permit was a condition for entry into the country in almost all cases.

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