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Apple sticks to the Lightning connector for its iPhones. Ken Bellonel, a masters student in robotics, got tired of waiting for the USB-C variant and transformed the iPhone X himself. He has now extensively documented this process in a video and on GitHub.

Last month, Pillonel released its custom iPhone X with a working USB-C port see brieflyBut it has now also put extensive documentation online for those who want to provide the iPhone with the public port. This is not an easy task Evidenced by his YouTube video and the GitHub documentation.

The iPhone’s USB-C port is a modified Lightning to USB connection, completely hidden in the smartphone. For this, it was on Bellonel: Reverse Engineering Apply to Lightning port and build your own printed circuit board with components that fit between a battery and a Taptic motor.

In the video, the master’s student describes his method, from proof of concept to prototyping and working on ideas and adapting the iPhone case to fit the larger USB-C port.

The modified iPhone has a working USB-C connector, which can be used to charge the phone and allow data transfer. The designer says he wants to improve its design further, to allow for faster charging and the use of USB-C accessories. pole He chose the iPhone X because he could get it cheaply. version, the world’s first iPhone with USB-C, Does he auction on eBay?.

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