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For some reason, Samsung is the only foldable manufacturer that still sticks to a very small fold radius.

Perhaps because they do not want to give up the interior space? With this larger radial fold in the phone being completely folded, this teardrop also moves slightly in the phone body at this joint. This means that you have to have some space for it and thus you can’t put other components like a battery or something.

Or maybe it has to do with the s stylus digitizer that Samsung still has under the display on the fold. This layer is not collapsible and so there is a piece without a digitizer near the fold. So in the visual part, the Samsung fold can’t detect the s stylus, which Samsung solves with software predictions when you review it with your stylus to determine where you probably want to draw. I can imagine that with a larger radius fold you would have a larger hole which could become a problem for the pen support.

I don’t know if Samsung has the right approach here, with the fold 3 Samsung also had issues with the screen sometimes breaking on this fold. And of course the fold of the Samungs is additionally visible due to the small radius. And if you compare fold 3 and fold 4, you will see that the gap between the two halves, when the phone is folded, is actually larger when folded 4! I’m assuming a little more fold radius and less material stress in the screen and so I hope you’ll have fewer problems with broken screens.

But I will order Vivo x fold and import it from China. Bigger screens, better aspect ratio and probably better cameras. The Xiaomi phone also looks nice, but I’ve already seen that the hinge doesn’t have a flexible position, and I’m assuming those cameras aren’t great either because the phone is pretty thin. And a little more expensive at the moment. And the fold radius of Xiaomi is also smaller than in vivo, which is probably less reliable? Who knows, I’ll take a leap of faith and order the heavier, heavier vivo which is still thinner than fold 4 because it closes without a hole you can see through. Google play store says no problem, some stores even pre-installed for you.

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